Thoughts and opinions are precious. If we are to make change together, we must first listen.

The goal is to build a world more united than yesterday, together, by listening to  others . People are often changed by conversations, and therefore bring about new change in their communities.

What is ‘Conversations’?

‘Conversations’ is a topical 90 minute session which allows for people from ALL backgrounds to share their thoughts and opinions, and it aims to be productive and progressive.

All ‘Conversations’ are topical, so each one is truly unique.

When will it run?

Conversations’ takes place over Zoom platform. Use and share the Zoom ID below.


Everyone’s welcome to join our zoom call and listen in or participate. Keep an eye on our Facebook for further details.

Also, If there’s a topic on your heart you’d like us to cover, just send us an email at

Be sure to follow us on Facebook to keep updated on when out next Conversations call will be and for joining information.

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