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Despite being in an increasingly interconnected world, loneliness and social isolation is a prevalent issue for many. This is very often the case for those who are homeless, as research has shown they experience some of the highest rates of isolation and loneliness amongst the UK population (Crisis, 2015).

This is why we have developed our ‘Friends’ initiative.

What is Friends?

‘Friends’ is an initiative to bring people together, built with a team of volunteers with a heart for supporting those in the community.

Our volunteers will meet with our Friends for conversations over breakfast and in time, will build long-term relationships with our Friends in order to support their journey back to independence.

At Matthew 25:40, we want love, care and compassion to be the driver of what brings us together, building meaningful connections between people and our ‘Friends’.

When will it run?

Friends will run on each Saturday morning at 11am at Nottingham’s Malt Cross.

How can I help?

  • As an individual: You can register to volunteer as part of ‘Friends’. Please click here to download the registration form and once complete, send it to We will be in touch to confirm receipt of the form and send further information on our launch session.


  • As an organisation: We recognise the amazing work done by organisations in Nottingham to support those who are vulnerable and would truly welcome faith-based organisations to work with us to build an interconnected network of support for all those who are homeless and vulnerable in the community. If you would be interested in working with us, please email us at