The Team

What does team look like ?

To have people that you pay? To have people that you can rely upon? Or those that share the same vision?

We have spent time and energy developing a network of organisations and people that understand the vision and plan of Matthew 25:40, who are founded in love and compassion for all.

Our Trustees 

As a charity, we are governed by a board of trustees.

  • Alex Owusu 
  • Claion Grandison 

Our Ambassadors

We are thrilled to have the support of our ambassadors across the UK who are passionate advocates of Matthew 25:40.

Our Staff, Interns & Volunteers Team

  • Jerome Edwards – Director
  • Sonia Fernandes – Friends Coordinator
  • Malachi Thomas – Friends Volunteer 
  • Shavanna Nelson – Unity
  • Lisa Wilkins – Community Engagement 
  • Boyd Granger – Community Engagement

Our supporters

  • Asher Edwards


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