Why Matthew 25:40 is needed  

We are more connected than ever with access to the world at the click of a button, yet many people now suffer from a lack of meaningful connections. Separated and divided, our society lacks unity and an overall togetherness, where people fall between the societal cracks. 

Those that live without a home have been our initial focus – In 2017, an estimate of 300,000 people were recorded as homeless (Shelter, 2017). This is a reality many face in a country which boasts of one of the largest economies in the world.  A home is a basic human necessity and without which it is difficult to form and maintain healthy relationships, remain in good physical and mental health and find stable employment. 

This is just one example of how susceptible we are to becoming vulnerable.

Matthew 25:40 exists to build the bridges needed in the community to eradicate societal inequalities like homelessness.

As a community we are strongest when we care for each other.

Homelessness, mental health, loneliness, youth violence – these are just a snapshot of the areas requiring action, not just at a national level but also at a local level – as a community building together

This will require a joint approach from like-minded organisations that also work to serve their community

Change is possible! We, as a nationwide community, can be the greatest agents of this change.  

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