About us

So, what are we about? We exist because at Matthew 25:40 we feel that it is our role, as a society, to ensure that we are able to help and support one another in times of need. We know that people care (sometimes), but we understand that nowadays it has become extraordinarily hard to find the time or even money to do so.

Our team is very passionate about serving those who are in need in the wider community – this is the driving force behind our venture and the reason for its creation.

In its full form, Matthew 25:40 will be a restaurant based across the UK run as a social enterprise, with the aim to use its profits towards making a positive difference in the lives of those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless (not for wages).

Matthew 25:40 aims to not only help those individuals without permanent residence but also people that are most vulnerable.

In its most fundamental form, love is about service and sharing our gifts with the community that we live in. Our goal is to demonstrate the love of God through our actions, in a way that benefits everyone.

Why Matthew 25:40 is needed

In Britain, there are currently over 300,000 people recorded as homeless, including those who are rough sleeping and in temporary accommodation (Shelter, 2017). Homelessness is a critical nationwide issue that is threatening to get worse. I am sure we can all agree that this unacceptable, regardless of the situation.

The devastating impact that homelessness can have on individuals is widely acknowledged and is evident for all people to see. All too often do we see people deprived of basic requirements for everyday living. Homelessness is not just a problem for those who are directly impacted by it – but for everyone. We believe that this should be addressed not just at governmental level but also at a local level as a community.

Having a permanent place of residence is a basic human need and not having a home can make it a lot more difficult for someone to form and maintain relationships, stay in good health (both physically and mentally) and find a job. Every day someone remains homeless, the detrimental effect it can have on all aspects of their lives only increases.

The lack of genuinely affordable housing across the UK as well as lessening support for low income households has played a key role in widening the issue of homelessness on a nationwide scale. It is one of the biggest issues we face today and requires a joint approach from government to help local authorities truly serve their communities.

Change is possible and we, as nationwide community, can be the greatest agents of this change. That is why Matthew 25:40 aims to act as a driver for our communities to be able support those in need and help us to create change in their lives.

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