How you can help

There are too many vulnerable people in our community that could do with the help that Matthew 25:40 aims to supply. Unfortunately, we all know, money makes the world go round – this is why the our restaurant is key for our future success. Until then we are dependent on the generosity of yourselves to help support the good work we plan to do.

Unlike some organisations we will endeavour to be transparent with how your donations are spent.

Option 1:

Donations: We are currently underway with planning our next financial project, please stay tuned to find out how your support can help..

Option 2:

Volunteer: If would like to volunteer onto our ‘Friends’ initiative, please fill out the registration form here

We love to receive all forms of support not just financial. . If there is a way you would like to contribute toward the success of this vision or help those most vulnerable, please feel free to get in touch. 

Together, we can really begin to help change lives, allowing people to gain back their own independence. 


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