The structure of Matthew 2540 will be in two distinct parts.

Social action through our charity ‘Matthew 25:40’ and our soon coming Restaurant ‘25:40’ which will fund the charity.


We will be running three distinct services in through our charitable action:

  • Community Incentivised Fund-raising – There are truly fantastic organisations that are currently working within our communities. To ensure that they are able to continue their work we would like to enable these organisations by helping to raise funds for specific projects.  Our most recent project we raised funds to distribute 26 We-Care-Packages to organisations to help provide small comfort to those living on the streets in the winter of 2018.

    Please keep an eye on our website and social media channels to find out when we will begin our next fundraiser.


  • Friends – To help expand the support network of those that are homeless, we will establish a core team of volunteers directly focused on forming long-term pastoral relationships to support service users on their journey back to independence. This activity is already underway in the city, with weekly informal drop in sessions being run on weekend mornings. Through these sessions we will be able to form supportive relationships with those who have become isolated and enabling them to give as well as receive. From here we will refer to our partner organisations.


  • Workshops – We plan to implement and run a host of workshops that will help lead vulnerable and homeless people back to employment and stability. The workshops will include literacy, financial literacy, well-being and work readiness and will be put together and run by experienced volunteers. 


The Restaurant

As a charity, we are dependent on grants, money from investors, and support from organisations that share our passion and donations from you, the beautiful public.

In order to sustain the organisation financially in the future, we aim to open several “25:40” restaurants across the UK. These will act as the financial vehicle of our social enterprise, with 100% of net profits being used to fund the work in our community.

The restaurant element of our vision aims to be on a street near you by 2020 as we aim to spend 2018/19 building our charitable services and helping as many individuals in need as we can.

When the first of our 25:40 restaurants are up and running, you’ll find us dishing up delicious and popular dishes like those you’d expect to find in traditional bistros in the UK.

Our pride lies in providing excellent service, quality food and a welcoming ambience.


If you would like to see this element of our venture thrive and wish to let us know how we can make this truly a ‘people’s restaurant’, serving the food that you would love to see on our menu, please complete our survey. The results from this survey will be fed directly into our future blueprint.

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