Our Vision

The Restaurant 25:40

The restaurant element of our vision aims to be on a street near you in 2019/2020. Why? because this year (2018/19) we aim to help as many individuals as possible and show you that we are sincere about making a real difference.

“Dishing up plentiful foods, similar to the food made in bistros across the UK.

Every customer will be received with a warm welcome into a comfortable environment, making each visit unique and memorable.

Our pride lies in providing excellent service, quality food and a welcoming ambience, all contributing to the experience of 25:40. “

If you would like to see this element of our venture thrive, and wish to let us know how we can make this truly a ‘people’s restaurant’, serving the food that you would love to see on our menu, please complete our survey. The results from this survey will be fed directly into our future blueprint.

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